UAG Update 2 Installation

Microsoft has recently released UAG Update 2 and Celestix Networks is currently finishing up our quality assurance testing to make sure all the basic deployment scenarios are working fine. We also test a lot of the fixes that Microsoft includes in the update. With that said, Celestix customers should be on the lookout for the update release on our website or using the Update mechanism that’s built into the appliance.

This purpose of my blog post to share my experience recently deploying UAG Update 2 and pointing out all the cool things and a small problem I encountered.

    – UAG Update 2 did not replace my login.asp.
    – UAG Update 2 did not ask me to reboot the server on one occasion.
    – UAG Update 2 provides Windows 7 64-bit support.
    – UAG adds some fixes and additional endpoint detection products.

UAG UPDATE 2 Patch Installation

First, you can download the Update 2 from the following website:

*Quick Tip* Regardless if you are using a Celestix UAG appliance or not, you should take a “Snapshot” of your current UAG Server state. If you have a white box deployment then I suggest that you take your UAG backup file and SSL certificate and put it somewhere for safe keeping. With virtualization, you can just take an image snapshot.

Make sure you run the installation as the administrator. Once the install is complete, reboot if you need to, but the first thing you should do before making any UAG changes is to Activate UAG and create a backup. Remember, once you’re using UAG Update 2, you cannot restore UAG using the old Update 1 back up files.

As a security tip, you should never download patches from unknown sources.





Screen 1 after running the .MSP            Screen 2 after the installation is complete

Generally, I like to check the event viewer to see what happened with the installation.  There was an issue with Update-1 however when the installation fails, and the event viewer shows that the Update-1 installation has failed.


If after you rebooted your appliance and you get the following error:

Failed to connect to TMG storage [800706D9]. An unrecoverable error has occured. The application will close.

  • Either you didn’t wait long enough for the TMG and UAG services to start.
  • Or your services are stuck in a services starting loop

*Quick Tip*   You do not necessary need to have installed any patches to get this error.  This may happen anytime you restart your UAG Server or maybe even the first time you run the UAG Administrator Console.  This blog post will help you solve this error.

Let’s assume you went to lunch for an hour after you rebooted the appliance and came back, then obviously you waited long enough so something must be wrong.
The first thing you should do is open up the services mmc and look for which services related to UAG and TMG aren’t running. The screenshots below show some problems because services that should have started automatically like the UAG Storage and TMG Firewall aren’t running.

 1. This image shows that many of the required TMG and UAG services are not running.


2.  This image shows the almighty TMG Firewall services not running.

3.  This image is one of the most IMPORTANT images believe it or not.  The Network Connections service is required to run in order for all the UAG and TMG services to start properly.  If after 15 minutes (depending on how fast your service is), this service isnt running along with your UAG and TMG services.  Start this service first, then manually start the UAG and TMG services.

Done!  You should not proceed to opening up the UAG administrator console successfully and performing your first backup and activation.

Good luck!
Dennis Lee
Celestix Networks

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