Hide UAG Search Application Tool

The UAG Search Application Tool is one of many new features in UAG.   It comes in handy when you have many applications published and need to find it quickly.    However, there are many customers who ask for it to be removed because they simply don’t have that many applications.  I don’t think it hurts to have it but there are times when the customer is attempting to go for a specific look and feel and the search tool gets in the way.  This was the case with one of my customers so I went ahead and helped them hide it.

UAG Search Application Tool

Figure 1.0 – A red arrow points to the UAG Search Application Tool for those of you who aren’t sure which tool I am refering to.


1) Browse to this directory:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\von\PortalHomePage\UserControls\

2) Copy the “TilesViewApplicationList.ascx” file into the “CustomUpdate” folder.   Doing so will ensure that you have a backup of the original file and that the customization will be synchronized if you have a UAG array.

3) Open up the file with either notepad or with one of my favorite applications called “Textpad”.  http://www.textpad.com/

4) Scroll down to line number 56.

TextBox runat=”server” ID=”searchApplicationTxtBox” CssClass=”TilesView_SearchAppBox”>

5) Change the code above and add:   visible=”false”

<asp:TextBox runat=”server” visible=”false” ID=”searchApplicationTxtBox” CssClass=”TilesView_SearchAppBox”></asp:TextBox>


You may wonder why I didn’t just delete the whole reference to that search bar.   It’s because UAG needs that tool to exist because there is a lot of other code tied to it.  UAG will error out if you delete existence of the tool.

Save the change and activate your UAG configuration!   The UAG Search Application Tool should now be invisible to the user as shown below.

Hidden UAG Search Application Tool

Figure 1.1 – Shows what the UAG Portal Home Page looks like after you hidden the search tool.

Thank you again for following my blog.
Dennis Lee
Celestix Networks

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