Microsoft Forefront UAG Configuration Manager Not Starting!


The UAG Configuration Manager Service needs to run in order for the administrator to manage their UAG configuration.  When you are installing UAG SP1, the first thing the installer does is rename the executable that’s associated to that service.  If you ran the installer and hit cancel, that .exe which was renamed is not changed back!   Microsoft documents this problem in a TechNet article on how to deploy SP1 but left it out in their troubleshooting paper.  Recently however, I came across successful SP1 installs that never renamed the file back and this is why I am posting this article.

Identifying the Issue

The first thing you will notice is that you will get the dreaded “Configuration cannot be retrieved from TMG storage. An unrecoverable error has occurred. The application will close.”.  Come on, I know everyone has seen this error message at least once.   Usually restarting your TMG Storage, Firewall and related dependencies will fix this issue.    But when the service is disabled and the executable is renamed—restarting services will not help.

Go into services and you will see that the UAG Configuration Manager Service is disabled. 

You will encounter the following error below if you were to enable and run the services.

Fixing the Issue

The fix is quick to make and you can continue using UAG SP1.

a)      Goto the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway\common\bin

b)      Look for “ConfigMgrCom.exe.bak” and rename it to “ConfigMgrCom.exe”

c)       Go ahead and start the services again

You are back in business!  It’s my recommendation that you uninstall SP1 and install it again because you never know what else might have failed during the installation process. 


How to install SP1:

SP1 Troubleshooting Tips:

Blog post I made about upgrading to SP1 and getting an “corrupted” install error…

Thank you!
Dennis Lee
Celestix Networks

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