How to host a website on your UAG server


The UAG veterans know to never create a website on your UAG server.  Why? Because it will get deleted upon activation!   However, many times it comes in handy to have a test website that runs on your server.   You may need to demonstrate publishing a website but have limited access or no backend resources.   You might have a spectacular idea for a value-add that belongs on the UAG server but it keeps getting deleted.

My blog post will discuss how to create a website on your UAG server that doesn’t get deleted by UAG upon activation.

Why is my website getting deleted?

UAG has a security and troubleshooting mechanism built in that deletes ALL websites that run on your UAG server during the activation process.    The reason for this feature goes back to the origins of the product.  Back then, it was very common for an activation to fail hence, you may have a non-fully functional UAG website.  I still see this problem often today so I’m glad this feature is still around.  You can just re-activate your UAG configuration and be back in business because UAG deleted and then recreated the website that’s associated to your trunk.

The website delete offers some security benefits: What if someone unintentionally changed one of the settings for your UAG trunk in IIS?  This could cause your UAG portal to expose something unintentionally, or the portal may become unavailable.

The screenshot below shows the UAG Configuration Message that alerts you about deleting a non-UAG trunk – a website that you just created.

How to create a website on your UAG server?

UAG runs on IIS (Internet Information Services), therefore you leverage that to host your website.

1)      Start  >> Run >> “iismgr”.

2)    Start the “Add Web Site” wizard and fill in the details:

Remember!  Don’t use port 80, 443 because your UAG server already uses those ports.
I like to use 8181, but you can choose something unique.   Also, remember the Site name you assigned –  you’ll need it later on when you tell UAG not to delete this site.

How do I stop UAG from deleting my site?

There is a registry key setting that is undocumented by Microsoft which allows you to tell UAG not to delete your site!  Always back up your registry before making changes.

1)      Start >> Run >> “regedit”.

2)     Navigate to the following key:


3)     Right click on “Configuration” >> New >> Key >> enter in “RWS”.

4)     Create another key within RWS >> Right click on “Configuration” >> New >> Key >> enter in the name of your website as shown in IIS.

Many times modifying the registry requires a reboot but this change doesn’t.

Below is a screenshot of a website I’m publishing through UAG.  This website is actually hosted on the UAG server itself.

Rinse and repeat the steps above if you have multiple UAG servers.

You are all set!!!  Remember this blog post when you need a reference on how to prevent UAG from deleting your website that’s being hosted on the UAG server.  This is how I typically setup a demo that runs on VMware workstation on my laptop.

Thank you for reading my post!

Dennis Lee
UAG Expert

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