UAG SP2 is finally released!

Dear Reader,

I’m happy to report that UAG 2010 – SP2 is finally released.   The SP2 adds increased functionality for ADFS v2.  For those of you who have been following cloud adoption and the increasing request for claims based authentication — UAG SP2 really shows the commitment that Microsoft is bringing to drive this technology.

I’d want to also add that UAG SP2 fixes many issues that highlighted on the main patch notes but within another sub-section.

  • External ActiveSync client sessions may be able to view other user mailboxes in Forefront UAG 2010 SP1.
  • Passwords that contain special characters may not be recognized for Nokia Mail for Exchange users in Forefront UAG 2010 SP1.
  • Configuration activation time may increase significantly after you apply Forefront UAG 2010 SP1.
  • Errors may occur when a user cannot connect to the Remote Desktop Virtualization Host after you publish Remote Desktop Services or RemoteApp programs in Forefront UAG 2010.
  • A client who tries to use Forefront UAG to open an Office document that is stored on a Microsoft SharePoint site may receive multiple authentication prompts.
  • A client who uses Forefront UAG to browse to an Outlook Web Apps (OWA) site may find that error 500 is randomly displayed to the OWA user instead of a Forefront UAG error page.
  • When Forefront UAG tries to authenticate users against an Active Directory schema, Forefront UAG tries to query the domain controller instead of the global catalog.
  • Users who are logging on to a Forefront UAG portal are not prompted to change their expired password when Forefront UAG is not joined to the user’s domain.
  • The digital signature of the Forefront UAG Java client components expired on March 24, 2012.
  • The Forefront UAG Web Monitor does not show events correctly after event 18 is generated in a Forefront UAG array deployment.
  • Forefront UAG does not correctly enforce the authorization settings for the Exchange ActiveSync application.
  • When you try to add a new Microsoft Outlook profile on a client computer that connects to the client access license (CAL) server through Forefront UAG, the profile creation fails.
  • You use Forefront UAG to browse to an Exchange OWA 2010 site. However, some OWA functionality is blocked, and you receive an Invalid URL error page from Forefront UAG.
  • Forefront UAG does not enforce the configured authorization settings for application access when the authorized users are members of an Active Directory primary group and Forefront UAG is not domain joined.
  • When you browse to an application (such as Exchange OWA 2003) that is published through Forefront UAG, users experience intermittent error 500 messages.
  • This service pack includes fixes for some stability issues.

    It’s time to backup your UAG server and start testing.   UAG SP2 includes all previous patches and can be installed on top of the base install of UAG.

Download Here:

Thank you!
Dennis Lee
ForeFront MVP

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