Addressing TMG Update

Dear Readers,

I’ve received overwhelming emails and LinkedIn messages from my peers who expressed interests in TMG’s end.  By now, everyone knows the news but the question is, what do I do now?

I see this in a few different ways.  TMG is still one of the best Threat Gateways on the marketplace today.  Microsoft is still supporting it for a few more years so if you’re an existing TMG customer, don’t worry – there is no immediate threat.

New potential customers?  Migrating from ISA to TMG? See comment above.  TMG is one of the best gateways, but one of a few.  As a security professional, whether its your firewall, AV or the locks to the server room, always know your options!   Please, keep in mind that Microsoft is no longer selling TMG licenses as of Dec 2012.

Now to address the most common question…  Can I move from TMG to UAG?  The answer is, it depends.   What are you using TMG for?   If you’re using it as a true edge firewall (port blocking, site-2-site VPN, outbound content control, ISP redundancy, etc…) then UAG isn’t the right product for you.

UAG is a remote access product so definitely keep researching.  However, if you were using TMG to perform web\socket publishing then UAG might be the right option for you.   The common scenarios are publishing SharePoint, OWA, Active Sync or even your corporate website.  UAG also supports smartcards which is very common for government entities.

Thank you!
Dennis Lee

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