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Addressing TMG Update

Dear Readers, I’ve received overwhelming emails and LinkedIn messages from my peers who expressed interests in TMG’s end.  By now, everyone knows the news but the question is, what do I do now? I see this in a few different … Continue reading

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UAG SP2 is finally released!

Dear Reader, I’m happy to report that UAG 2010 – SP2 is finally released.   The SP2 adds increased functionality for ADFS v2.  For those of you who have been following cloud adoption and the increasing request for claims based authentication — UAG SP2 really … Continue reading

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How to host a website on your UAG server

Introduction The UAG veterans know to never create a website on your UAG server.  Why? Because it will get deleted upon activation!   However, many times it comes in handy to have a test website that runs on your server.   You may need … Continue reading

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Cloud security, how can you protect yourself and your community?

Dear Reader: I wanted to take a break from my usual blog post about Microsoft Forefront security to bring some attention to cloud security, personal information protection and corporate responsibility. What is the cloud first of all? A marketing genius … Continue reading

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Publishing MOSS 2010 with KCD

Introduction This blog post will show you how to configure Kerberos & KCD (Kerberos Constrained Delegation) from start to finish for MOSS 2010 and UAG 2010. A powerful feature of UAG is its ability to support KCD internally between UAG and the SharePoint 2010 server.  This … Continue reading

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Microsoft Forefront UAG Configuration Manager Not Starting!

Introduction The UAG Configuration Manager Service needs to run in order for the administrator to manage their UAG configuration.  When you are installing UAG SP1, the first thing the installer does is rename the executable that’s associated to that service.  If you ran … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Contact Us Button

Introduction The bigger and more colorful Email icon stands out on the UAG Portal Home Page and quickly catches the eye of the UAG Administrator.   The less noticeable ‘Contact Us’ link is thus often untouched and forgotten.  My blog post today was … Continue reading

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